How do I troubleshoot Dates or Timeslots not showing up on my orders?

Are you not seeing Supertime date and time data in your orders?

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure that additional checkout settings and dynamic checkout settings are disabled in your theme, especially if you have additional payment methods in your store. Otherwise your customers may be able to bypass date selection in your cart.
  2. Review your store's configuration and disable third-party applications that allow users to checkout from your store. Since Supertime is a cart-based application, if you have third-party applications that enable checkout by creating their own drawer or cart, re-enable the use of the checkout button (for example, a Terms of Condition application), or nudges a customer to go to checkout directly, these paths will bypass date and time collection for Supertime. To ensure the correct operation of Supertime, you will need to also disable the checkout functionality found in these applications. See below for more on steps.
  3. Make sure Supertime is enabled in your store. If Supertime is disabled then customers can still checkout.
  4. Make sure that "required to checkout" is selected in your schedule and delivery method settings.
  5. Review that Supertime is showing up in all of your carts on your theme. Supertime's automatic placement mode may not be compatible with your cart. If this is the case you will need to use our custom placement mode. If Supertime is not showing up and it was previously working, it's possible that other new or updates to existing third-party apps in your cart are causing compatibility issues. (See "More on Third-Party Applications and your Cart Page" below)
  6. Customers able to checkout before your cart has loaded? If you require date or time information from your customers, you may need to disable your checkout button in your theme by default to allow Supertime to control access even in low-bandwidth situations.
  7. Confirm that this order was created through your online store. For more on how to use your Timeline for an order to do so, review this Shopify Help article. Supertime works by collecting dates in the cart for your store's online channel. Our widget is a cart based app. We do not support date collection from other channels (e.g. Buy Button, auto-generated orders from subscriptions, etc.). You may also add Supertime information manually to these orders by reviewing this article.
  8. If you see a Supertime order with a date that you don’t think is selectable, review this article. Or confirm that your schedule is set correctly as desired.
  9. Perform a test order once you have reviewed all the steps above. If you are still experiencing issues with your store after completing these steps, you may have a compatibility problem with your store's theme or suite of apps that may interfere with how Supertime works for collecting date and time information in your cart. 

More on Third-Party Applications and your Cart Page

Steps for checking your cart for compatibility:

1. Load Supertime on a slow connection (either on a mobile device, or simulate network throttling in your browser by reviewing a method like this). If the checkout button is enabled, and you require date selection, review this article to disable your checkout button in your theme by default since your customer can proceed to checkout before Supertime is loaded.

2. As you review your cart on a slow connection, and you still see that the cart's checkout button is not disabled, or that it gets re-enabled as more of your cart loads, then you likely have a third-party application that is interacting with your cart.

3. As you review your cart on a slow connection, and you see that it takes a long time for Supertime to load, or that Supertime does not load even if it's enabled, then there may be apps and scripts that are either not functioning correctly, or are causing this slowdown.

4. In addition to issues related to apps loading, confirm how your apps that interact with checkout in your cart affect whether or not the checkout button is enabled. Do you have apps that detect order limits, item limits, or have terms of service checkboxes that would enable the checkout button? 

5. To fix issues related to steps 2, 3 and 4, you can isolate which app is causing this by uninstalling and reinstalling these apps, and also by blocking the requests made by these applications. If these are changes that are from custom development to your cart, then you may need to perform theme updates to ensure compatibility. You may have to remove the snippets of code that load in your cart as these snippets are enabling your checkout button. In addition, if you have uninstalled the apps, you may still need to follow specific instructions to remove the code snippets created by these third party applications in your cart (e.g. apps from popular vendors like HulkApps).

Still experiencing issues after performing the troubleshooting steps? Please contact us and provide more information on what you are experiencing using the Ask form on Supertime. If your store is not live yet, please provide a preview link. If you are contacting us by email, please kindly provide us with your store's url on Shopify (e.g. 

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