How is the status of a route determined?

The route status value is determined by the status of stops within a route. Here is a complete mapping of EasyRoutes for Shopify Stop to Route statuses:

  • Preparing (e.g. the initial status of a stop after a route is created) -> Unstarted
  • Ready -> Ready
  • Out for delivery -> Started
  • Delivered or Attempted -> Completed

How this works:

  • If all stops have a Preparing status, then the route is Unstarted.
  • If all stops have a Ready status, or if a route has a combination of stops that are preparing or ready, then the route is Ready.
  • If any stops in a route are Out for delivery, Delivered or Attempted, the route status will show as Started.
  • Once all stops have a status of Delivered or Attempted the route status will be marked as Completed.
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