Which Shopify permissions does EasyRoutes use?

To protect the privacy and security of your Shopify store, EasyRoutes for Shopify only requests the minimal amount of permissions necessary for the app to function. Occasionally Shopify will update their APIs and/or requirements for apps that requires EasyRoutes to change which permissions we request.

  • Write Orders: EasyRoutes needs the ability to update orders to adjust order notes, fulfillments, tags, and attributes (e.g., for adding Proof of Delivery links).
  • Read All Orders: By default Shopify limits apps to read 60 days of orders, which typically isn't long enough for customers to properly create routes for scheduled deliveries. That being said, EasyRoutes will only read as far back as you desire by changing the "Show orders from the last ..." setting.
  • Read Locations: EasyRoutes uses your store's location data to configure smart defaults for units (e.g., time, dates, distance, weight), start and end locations, and applying regional restrictions (e.g., local SMS regulations).
  • Write Merchant Managed Fulfillment Orders: Shopify released a new Fulfillment Order API in August 2021 that improves the customer and developer experience for handling fulfilments. As such, EasyRoutes now requires this permission to access, create, and update fulfillments.
  • Read Customers: Shopify released an API update in July 2022 that now requires apps to explicitly request customer data that was previously available in older API versions. EasyRoutes uses customer data throughout the app for creating routes, listing stops, notifications, packing slips, and printing labels.
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