Receiving dispatch messages and invites for the driver app in Singapore

Note: EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app now receives dispatched routes via mobile push notifications as of August 1, 2023 and do not require SMS. Singapore customers will need to share an invite link with new driver as per the recommendations below.

Starting January 31, 2023, Singapore will tag international SMS messages sent from organisations that are not registered with the local ID registry as spam. EasyRoutes currently uses an international number for sending invite and driver dispatch messages in Singapore. 

How Singapore users are impacted and recommendations:

  • When you invite a new driver to your store, EasyRoutes will not be able to send an SMS link to the EasyRoutes driver app on your behalf. If desired, you can use our in-app share dialog or directly share the download link directly instead.
  • Ensure your drivers have the latest version of EasyRoutes Delivery Driver installed, and allow push notifications for receiving dispatched route notifications via the mobile app.
    • Your driver can also access the list of all dispatched routes directly within the EasyRoutes app once a route is assigned and dispatched. If they have the app open, they can see this route if they pull-to-refresh once it's dispatched. 
    • If desired, you can notify your driver when you dispatch a route or share the route link directly using the link provided in the dispatch modal. See this article for further details.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these changes made by local regulations.

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