Why can't I manually send an SMS to my customer?

EasyRoutes can automatically send delivery SMS notifications to all customers in your route. This feature is available on our Premium plan and you can read more about it in this support article. To configure these automated SMS notifications, you will need to navigate to the Settings tab of the EasyRoutes navigation menu, and click on the "Notifications" tab.

When viewing a route in EasyRoutes, you can click on a customer's name and see quick shortcuts to open any messaging application you have on your device. EasyRoutes does not support sending one-off custom messages to customers through our app.

For example, if you're on your mobile device, tapping the Text button will open your default SMS texting application. If you are using a Mac, it will open your Messages app. Windows computers don't have a messaging app installed by default, so you may need third-party software to be able to send text messages originating from your PC.

If you are having trouble sending an SMS message by clicking on this link, it may be because you do not have any messaging software installed on your device.

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