Troubleshooting sign in issues

EasyRoutes Delivery Driver uses Google's Firebase Authentication for our Android and iOS apps, an industry standard authentication provider used by countless mobile apps and websites.

Sometimes you may still have issues getting verification codes when signing in. Here is a list of possible causes and remedies:

Are you on the confirmation code entry screen, but you did not receive an SMS code?

In general, if you enter a valid phone number and are taken to the confirmation screen, you should be expecting an SMS message with the verification code as our authentication provider is attempting to send a verification code through SMS to your device through your carrier if you are shown this screen.

  1. Have you waited a few minutes for the SMS notification, and do you currently have cellular service?

    On rare occasions, the verification code is delayed or potentially missed based on cellular service related to SMS message delivery for your carrier. 

    Remedy: Use the "Resend code" functionality within the app and wait a few minutes for your SMS message to arrive as there may be delays caused by issues related to your local cellular carrier.

  2. Have you attempted to sign in too many times?

    Additionally, there is a limit on the number of verification SMS messages that can be sent to a single phone number within a set amount of time. To prevent abuse of our systems, if too many failed sign in attempts have occurred, our authentication provider will block your device and/or phone number for a few hours.

    Remedy: Retry authentication later.

  3. Are you using a virtual number service for your business and you have entered this as the authentication phone number?

    In many cases, services like EasyRoutes don't allow virtual phone numbers to be used during the registration/verification step. It's possible that messages are not sent to these phone numbers. 

    Remedy: Retry sign up using your device's physical phone number for new account creation.

  4. Are you able to receive SMS messages at the moment?

    It's possible to have an internet connection but not a cellular connection on your mobile device, which is required for receiving SMS messages.

    Remedy: Review the following troubleshooting steps below to confirm your connectivity issues:

    - Is your mobile device powered on?

    - Does the device have sufficient signal? If not power the device off, wait 30 seconds, and then power it back up.

    - Is the device connected to the home carrier's network? We cannot guarantee message delivery on devices roaming internationally, or off-network.

    - Can the device receive other SMS messages at the moment?

  5. Have you checked your SMS filtered or spam folders?

    It's possible that sometimes these messages are sent to a spam or filtered folder and a notification may not be triggered.

    Remedy: review your spam and or filtered SMS messages for the code.

Have you entered your phone number (including country code) correctly?

To support sign in around the world, we make use of E.164 formatted phone numbers

Remedy: Double check that you have selected the appropriate country code prefix using the drop down and have entered your subscriber number correctly.

Are you using an Android device?

Do you have a default browser other than Chrome? Currently if your device hits a verification step that requires browser access, EasyRoutes authenticates only via the Chrome Browser. We are currently working on a solution for compatibility with certain Android devices without access to Chrome.

Remedy: Here are some instructions on changing your default browser before trying again:

  1. Navigate to Chrome via Android App Settings: Settings > Apps > See all apps > Chrome
  2. Select "Enable"
  3. Navigate to Default browser app settings: Settings > Apps > Default apps > Browser app
  4. Select "Chrome"

Are you using an iOS device?

Have you disabled notifications? A silent push notification is used to verify the authenticity of your device during the sign in process. In some cases your device may have notifications disabled globally or specifically for EasyRoutes Delivery Driver. 

Remedy: Refer to Apple's support site on steps to re-enable notifications.

Is your country supported for phone number authentication?

Refer to Google's support article for a list of supported countries. Even if your country is supported there may be a temporary mobile phone carrier issue that can prevent SMS messages from being delivered. Depending on which country your store is operating in, you may still be able to use our legacy EasyRoutes Delivery Driver for Web product.

Have you attempted to sign in too many times?

To prevent abuse of our systems, if too many failed sign in attempts have occured we will block your device and/or phone number for a few hours.

Are you seeing "an internal error has occured" or "Firebase App Check token is invalid"?

Older versions of EasyRoutes Delivery Driver are no longer compatible with the latest Google Firebase Authentication due to security improvements. Your app version must be at 1.0.28 (released August 23, 2023) or above.

Remedy: Ensure you have the latest version of EasyRoutes installed.

  1. Confirm your verison: How do I check the version of EasyRoutes Delivery Driver
  2. Update your app: See Where can I download the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app? to visit the Android / iOS app store link to check for and install the latest version of EasyRoutes.

Are you seeing "this app is not authorized to use Firebase Authentication"?

This error can appear when using Android devices that are not certified by Google. For example, due to the ongoing US government restrictions against Huawei, Google and thus Firebase Authentication are not available on Huawei devices.

Remedy: Use an Android device that is Play Protect certified. To check if your device is Play Protect certified:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap About - you should see something similar to the following:

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