How do I troubleshoot Supertime not showing up on my cart page?

If Supertime is not showing up on your cart page, it could be because of a couple things:

1. You may not have activated Supertime yet

In your Supertime settings, visit the General tab. At the top of that page is a box. Does it say "Supertime is active"? If not, you will need to click the "Enable Supertime" button.

Once Supertime is enabled, you'll see this instead:

2. Your theme may not support Supertime automatically

Supertime works in automatic detection and placement modes for the free themes in the Shopify Theme Store and also many popular themes. You can learn more about our compatibility with themes in the Shopify Theme Store.

If your theme is not listed in the Shopify Theme Store or if you have a very customized or modified theme, then you will need to consider using our custom placement and manual detection modes the automatic placement mode is not showing results. Supertime cannot provide development support for where theme modifications are required to use Supertime or custom themes where our automatic modes does not work. Development support for theme modifications are best directed toward a 3rd-party development service. Review these instructions here.

Still having trouble? Review our Troubleshooting guide.

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