How Can I Reduce Load Times with Supertime?

Supertime by default is loaded using Shopify's script tag feature, which means we are loaded after the initial page is loaded and minimizes the impact on store loading. 

It also means we are loaded after the initial page is loaded, which can lead to Supertime being loaded late on slow connections especially if you happen to have a lot of scripts, apps or plugins in your storefront. You may follow the steps below to load Supertime sooner in your store.


1. Copy this snippet below into your clipboard:

<script async src="{{ "" | append: shop.permanent_domain }}"></script> 

2. Visit your store's Theme settings.
3. Click the  Actions button and select Edit Code
4. Find your theme.liquid file if you have a cart that is present on all your pages. 
5. Paste the provided snippet immediately below your  <body> tag in that file. (or above your </body> tag)

On top of that, Supertime attempts to minimize its load size by only loading the whole bundle if a cart form is detected as described in how our detection works. You can minimize load times for your store by only having Supertime load its full bundle when a cart needs to be present.

For example, if you are using the Dawn theme, when you add an item to the cart, we have a component that shows a cart form pop-up (which contains Supertime), which is present throughout your theme on every page in the header, it means that Supertime will load the whole bundle. For example if you are on a product page, and you add a product, it will show that popup alongside Supertime. 

You can hide these kinds of snippets in your theme where it's unnecessary and Supertime will avoid loading the majority of its payload. For example, in Dawn, you can remove or comment out the checkout form in your cart-notification.liquid snippet to stop Supertime from loading the whole bundle:

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