How do I move orders to another route?

You can use the "Send to Another Route" feature when you edit a route to copy stops over to a new route. This can be used to re-schedule orders that have already been included in a route, but need to be moved to another (e.g. missed deliveries or incomplete previous route).


  1. Use the checkboxes to select stops that you want to move or copy.
  2. Click the Send to route action to add these orders to another route:

  1. Select your desired send option (e.g. to copy the stops and preserve them on your current route, select the Send stop as a copy option instead):

  1. Select the route you want to send the stops to from the list of routes below the map, or click the Send to new route button on the top right to send stops to a brand new route.


  • Determining whether to send stops as a copy or as a new stop will depend on your delivery/fulfillment workflows:
    • Send stops as a copy if you want to preserve the original stop's information and status.
    • Send stops as a new stop if you want to treat the new stop as a fresh attempt at delivering.
  • Similarly, choosing between preserved or new tracking links will depend on your delivery/fulfillment workflows:
    • Preserve the tracking links if you want to maintain continuity with the customer for these stops.
    • Use new tracking links if you'd prefer to generate and send a new tracking link for these stops.
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