Troubleshooting Supertime Email Notifications

Are you not seeing Supertime information (e.g. date, time slot or delivery method) in your email notification templates?

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Perform a real test order. If you used the order confirmation notification template "Preview" feature, Shopify does not show order attributes which means the Supertime snippets may not show up.

2.  Confirm Supertime data is captured for the order under Additional Details. Supertime data is still not showing up? You may also want to confirm that your order is capturing Supertime information the Order's Additional Details section (see Supertime is not working for more)

3. Confirm your test order has items that require shipping. If you put Supertime liquid snippets into a standard order confirmation template, often times it is done 'within' the "{% if requires_shipping %}" block, so if your test order only has products that do not require shipping (e.g. the test product does not have "this is a physical product" checked, and thus no shipping method"), then you'll need to create an order with products that are shipped.

You can review your products in your test order by clicking on a Product, scrolling down the product details to see if this is checked:
b8c3318243a550d94f2c6468d14030ae.png4. Perform a test order using a snippet similar to the ones provided below. If you place the Attributes snippet just within the end capture block (e.g. below/outside of the last if block) then Supertime attributes would be shown on notifications for every order, not just ones that require shipping.

<p>Date: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: "%m/%d/%Y" }}</p>
<p>Time: {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] }}</p>
<p>Method: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Method"] }}</p><br>
<p>Date: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: "%m/%d/%Y" }}</p>
<p>Time: {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 0,5 | time_tag: '%-I:%M %p' }}-{{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 8,12 | time_tag: '%-I:%M %p' }}</p>
<p>Method: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Method"] }}</p><br>


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