Troubleshooting Google Maps

Issue Resolution
I cannot view my order or stop on Google Maps

This may be caused by have an address with a partial match on Google Maps. You may:

I cannot add a stop to a route

This may be caused by addresses being located too far from your start/end locations or too far from your stops where EasyRoutes can generate a route that can be completed in a day. You may need to create an alternative route in your orders page to serve these orders if they show up as a rejected stop in a route. If you have invalid addresses, you may:

I cannot view directions on Google Maps

This may be caused by having an address with a partial match on Google Maps in one of your stops. It's easier to track down this issue on the desktop version of Google Maps. You may:

  • Resolve this by editing your route by updating this stop's address or update your Order/Customer Information with a valid address and re-add this to your route by sending the order to your existing route. Once you have valid addresses, your Google Maps directions link will work better.
  • Alternatively, you can get directions to your next stop in your route by selecting the address for the next stop to launch Google Maps.
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