How can I use EasyRoutes Delivery Driver without a connection or with limited connectivity?

In some situations, you may need to navigate your route without a stable internet connection. Don't worry, EasyRoutes has got you covered. You can continue to view your entire route and use your navigation app with limited connectivity if you load your route while online. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Preparing Your Route While Online

To start with, EasyRoutes requires an internet connection to load your route and perform certain functions, including:

  • Updating stop statuses
  • Adding proof of delivery such as photos, signatures, or notes

To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend loading your route and performing these tasks when you have a reliable internet connection. It's worth mentioning that once your route is loaded, EasyRoutes can function well with limited connectivity for viewing stop information and for offline navigation.

Step 2: Enabling Offline Navigation in your Navigation App

If you anticipate connection issues during your route, it's advisable to make your area available offline in your navigation app. By doing so, you ensure uninterrupted navigation to your stops, regardless of internet connectivity.

We recommend using Google Maps due to its robust offline support. Here are instructions for offline support for Google Maps.

Apple Maps supports offline maps as of iOS 17. Here are the instructions.

Please note that as of this writing, Waze does not support offline maps but has support for limited connectivity scenarios.

Step 3: Use EasyRoutes Delivery Driver

Once you've done this, you'll be able to press Get Directions in EasyRoutes Delivery Driver and navigation to the next stop will work even when you're without a connection or have limited connectivity. If you force quit EasyRoutes or after a long period of time, EasyRoutes may require an internet connection for re-authentication before you are able to view your route or next stop again.

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