How do I claim a route?

If you have received a route link for a claimable route, you will need to click on the link to open the route in the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app.

If you received a push notification message for a route, you can open this directly within the app.

If you are eligible to claim any routes, you will see a large Claim Route button when viewing an unassigned route. Tapping this means you are assigning yourself to the route:

If you are not eligible to claim the route, you will see a yellow warning box stating this fact. If you are expecting to be able to claim it, let your delivery manager know that they need to add an additional driver seat to EasyRoutes.

If you cannot see the route, ensure you have the latest version of the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app and review how route assignment works along with our troubleshooting steps.

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