Troubleshooting Getting Directions or Navigating to Addresses

Can't find directions for your stop when you launch into Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps?

By default, EasyRoutes will attempt to Get Directions using the order or stop's provided address in Google Maps, which will attempt to provide preferred directions to the location as recommended by Google. Using the address itself can provide better directions than using the geolocation itself. There are some rare occasions where this may not return an expected result in Google Maps. 

  • Note: if your store has set a custom pin for a stop, it will always attempt to use the Lat/Long

You can configure EasyRoutes to navigate directly to the provided pin or ZIP/Postal Code instead.

To do this, change your settings for your "Navigation Mode" to navigate to the provided pin's geolocation (Lat/Long) or to the provided address's postal or ZIP code if you are running into issues with getting directions with your navigation app.

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