How do I get directions to a stop?

Steps for getting directions:

  1. When viewing a stop, tap the Go To Address button underneath the map:

  1. It will open to the stop's address using your driver app settings. If you long press this button then you can choose a different navigation mode for this stop:

Want to adjust how you get directions or navigate to your next stop? Review your navigation settings:

  • Navigation App: EasyRoutes will launch the selected navigation app when "Go To..." is tapped:
    • Google Maps
    • Waze
    • Apple Maps (iOS Only)
  • Navigation Mode: EasyRoutes will attempt to navigate to stops using any of the following variables:
    • Address: uses the provided address for getting directions for the next stop. This is the default setting. 
      • Note: if your store has set a custom pin for a stop, it will always attempt to use the Lat/Long
    • Lat/Long: uses the pin for the provided geolocation directly. Helpful if you are in a location where Google Maps may not consistently return desired directions or found addresses.
    • ZIP/Postal Code: uses the provided Postal Code or ZIP Code for getting directions. Helpful in countries where this is a unique identifier. 
  • Auto-Start in navigation app: When enabled, EasyRoutes will attempt to trigger and start the navigation mode for your navigation app when you press the "Go To..." button.
  • Auto-Advance after "Mark As...": When enabled, EasyRoutes will switch to the next stop after 5 seconds once you have marked an order as delivered or attempted.
  • Ask to confirm before "Mark As...": When enabled, the driver will receive an extra prompt to confirm (including any stop notes) before marking an order as delivered or attempted.
  • Include second address line when navigating: When enabled, EasyRoutes will include the second address line stored for a stop (if applicable) when navigating to that stop.

Changing your Navigation App or Navigation Mode: 

1. Return to your Stops List

2. Press the "Settings" button in the top right

3. Adjust your navigation settings as needed

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