How do I view an inventory or stop items for my route?

EasyRoutes generates an inventory/packing list for each route. This inventory gives you an overview of every item you need to load before you head out for your deliveries.

You can access inventory for a route by doing the following:

  1. Tap "View Route" for the route you'd like to access inventory for
  2. Press the "Inventory" tab button
  3. The default view is a summary of all the items on a route:

Alternative inventory views are also available:

  • You can press "Show item orders" to see a summary of each item and which stop or order it's associated with:

  • Once you press the "Show item orders", you can then press "Show by order" to see these items listed for each individual stop:

  • Tap "Show summary" to return to the default route summary view.

A checklist is provided as a helpful tool for packing if the driver app is used for packing a vehicle.

Alternatively, you can find the items for a stop inside of the stop page for each individual stop:

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