How do I use the Override Dates feature?

Override Dates can be found in your edit method page on Supertime. This feature can be used to provide additional dates and timeslots outside of your schedule and settings. Only dates from the start of your rolling window will be shown to the customer. Warning: override dates will replace any dates and timeslots within your schedule in your rolling window and override your order limit, and blackout date settings.

Additional settings

Bypass Minimum Fulfillment Days and Cut-off: When checked, show override dates and times from starting today instead of the start of the rolling window based on your minimum fulfillment days and cut-off time for this method.
Bypass Same-day Prep Time: When checked, show override dates and times starting from now instead of the Same-Day Prep Time when bypassing Minimum Fulfillment Days.

Need to add a date outside your rolling window for selection? Use this feature to create modified schedules for specific days in your business. Remember to save your settings once you have created your override dates.

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