How does the Tip Product work? Troubleshooting Steps for your Tip Product

TipGenius works in the following way:

  • A new and unique Tip Product is automatically created for you whenever you install TipGenius and we link TipGenius to this Tip product. 
  • This product is a digital product that does not require shipping.
  • TipGenius will automatically fulfill the tip product for you so that you do not have to manually fulfill this in your workflow (this can be disabled in your settings)
  • TipGenius is a cart-based app. It automatically detects the checkout button on your cart page or popup, and then provides a pop-up to let you prompt a user to add a tip or donation before automatically proceeding to checkout when they choose an tipping amount option.
  • This product defaults to map to a single $1 USD product so that you can add tip amounts based on a quantity of this product (e.g. $5 = 5 Tip products). TipGenius detects for this product with this specific variant ID.
    • We also provide a currency conversion mode so that this works in your store's native currency.
    • So for example, if a user chooses the $5 tip -- then we add a tip product line item with a quantity of 5 to the checkout.
  • As a product in your cart - this product will contribute to conditions in your store that are set around order price limits (e.g. shipping conditions) 

Troubleshooting Steps to Confirm That Your Tip Product is Functioning

1. Does your TipGenius pop-up appear when you click on checkout in your cart? If no, review these Troubleshooting Steps with your cart since TipGenius isn't detecting your checkout button. If you already have the Tip Product in your cart, the TipGenius pop-up does not appear.
2. If the pop-up appears, when you click on a tip $ button, do you proceed successfully to checkout? If no, then you may have a third-party application or a theme compatibility issue that prevents TipGenius from either proceeding to checkout or adding the Tip Product to your cart.  
3. If you successfully go to the checkout page, do you see your Tip Product added to your cart? If no, then you have likely modified your Tip Product (e.g. its inventory tracking status, or added variants). Follow the remedies below for fixing these issues.

Remedies for Common Issues:

  • If you modify this Tip product’s to include additional variants, this will cause TipGenius to no longer function as expected. If you create variants with different names or prices/denomations, these would be treated as new variants that TipGenius would not detect. This would also remove the ‘single product’ variant that TipGenius is looking for above.
    • If you have modified the Tip Product in a way that removes TipGenius’s ability to detect it, then you will need to reinstall TipGenius. We create a new Tip product that you can use at that point. To note, you can delete or modify the existing tip products before you re-install TipGenius.
  • If you modify the Tip Product's price away from $1, then you will skew the checkout prices of your tip or donation amounts based on how the Tip Product is designed. (e.g. 5 Tip Products will no longer equal $5.) -- change this back to the previous $1 amount.
  • If modify the inventory and shipping status of the Tip Product, then it could show up in your inventory like any active product that you have in your store and there could be instances where there wouldn't be inventory to add it to the cart, and thus you would see the pop-up, select an amount, but this would not be reflected in checkout.
    • The Tip product by default is one that does not have inventory tracked and is not a physical product (e.g. see these settings below). You can fix this issue by reverting your Tip product to the settings as seen below:
    • 1. In your TipGenius settings you can access the Tip product that is automatically created for you — this is the product that gets added to the cart before checkout:
      2.  Uncheck Track quantity and This is a physical product (e.g. like what's shown below) and save your changes.
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