How do I change my date and time formats in Supertime?

Is your date format MM/DD/YYYY and you want it to be DD/MM/YYYY (or vice versa)? Are you looking to change your time format from 12h to 24h time?

You will need to change your store settings using either option below. For your tag and notes date formats, you will need to review your settings in your Additional Settings. For your email templates, you will need to provide a date and time format explicitly.

Option 1: Use our Override Option 

1. Click on Use the following region and language for determining date and time format:

2. Select your desired Language/Region.

This will control the date/time format in the Supertime widget in your store, and in the order status code snippet.

Option 2: Update Your Store's Locale

Supertime uses your store theme's language settings to determine the correct date and time format for your region. Click here to review your store theme's language settings to make sure you have configured your language settings correctly. If your store is in English, please review step 4 to change your date format to dd/mm/yyyy.


  1. Visit your Store Languages settings.
  2. In the Default language section click the "Change theme language" link.
  3. On the next page, select the correct language for your region from the drop-down menu.

  4. You may need to select "Other Languages" to find your region. For example, there are multiple English options to support multiple regions. The standard English setting on Shopify uses North American date/time formats (mm/dd/yyyy, 12-hour time). You may need to change to a region that shows date/time formats that suits your locale.

    For example: Australian English will show a different date format (dd/mm/yyyy) to American English. If you only see one English option, click on "Other languages..." and then select English, and you will be able to select your region there.  

5. Once you have selected your theme language and region, press Save.

Other Date/Time Format Settings

For email notifications and other liquid templates, you can use a localized format that you place in your theme as per Option 2 above, or you can also provide a custom date format directly in your templates as seen in the snippet examples in the sections below.

For your tag and notes date formats, you will need to review your settings in your Additional Settings section:

Do you want to include Supertime details in your customer's order confirmation emails? Supertime supports that!

You can show the selected date, time and delivery method for a customer's order collected through Supertime using Shopify's order attribute tags. Paste the following snippets into your customer notification templates in your Notifications settings:

  • Date (using localized date formats) : {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: format: "basic" }}
  • Date (DD/MM/YY, using custom date formats): {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: '%d/%m/%Y' }}
  • Date (MM/DD/YY, using custom date formats): {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: '%m/%d/%Y' }}
  • Time (default - 24 hour time): {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] }}
  • Time (12 hour time or custom time formats):{{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 0,5 | time_tag: '%-I:%M %p' }} - {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 8,12 | time_tag: '%-I:%M %p' }}
  • Delivery Method: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Method"] }}

For more details on how to customize email notifications, review this article.

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