Troubleshooting Auto-fulfillment permissions: which Shopify permissions does TipGenius use?

As per our notice in February 2023, auto-fulfillment requires updated customer permissions as of March 1, 2023 for this functionality to continue working. See below for instructions.

To protect the privacy and security of your Shopify store, TipGenius only requests the minimal amount of permissions necessary for the app to function. 

  • Write Orders: TipGenius needs the ability to read and update orders to automatically fulfill the tip product after an order is placed.
  • Write Products: TipGenius needs the ability to create the tip product during installation.
  • Write Script Tags: TipGenius needs the ability to install a script tag on your store's website so that the tipping / donation pop-up appears during checkout.
  • Write Merchant Managed Fulfillment Orders: Shopify released a new Fulfillment Order API in August 2021 that improves the customer and developer experience for handling fulfilments. As such, TipGenius now requires this permission to fulfill the tip product after an order is placed.

Occasionally Shopify will update their APIs and/or requirements for apps that requires TipGenius to change which permissions we request. To accept updated permissions:

1. Log in to your Shopify Admin, open the TipGenius app in your Apps section
2. You will be prompted to accept updated permissions:

3. Click  Update app to accept these permissions.

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