What's New on EasyRoutes - December 2022

Happy holiday season! We hope it is one full of successful deliveries.

Here are some recent updates we've made to EasyRoutes Local Delivery to help you manage your local deliveries on Shopify.

1️⃣ All-new map with order selection tools

This month we introduced a brand new look and feel to our EasyRoutes map to better help you plan and manage your orders.

Apart from being speedier and easier on the eyes, we've also added selection tools to help you plan visually on the orders dashboard.

Select individual orders or draw polygons to select a group of pins. Once you've made a selection you can choose whether to discard or keep only those orders on the map.

2️⃣ Auto-assign drivers when creating a route

In your order page route options you can now pre-assign drivers to the routes you about to generate.

Customize all your options, save a Custom View, and the next time you are in EasyRoutes all you need to do is click on your View and hit the Create Routes button.

3️⃣ Sort and filter by delivery dates

Sort and filter your orders by delivery dates collected through popular apps in the Shopify App Store on your Order Dashboard.

EasyRoutes now supports the following date collection apps:

  • Supertime by Roundtrip
  • Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet
  • In Store Pickup Local Delivery by LogBase
  • Order Delivery Date by Identixweb
  • Order Delivery Date & Pickup by BirdChime
  • Order Delivery Date Manager by AppJetty 
  • Delivery Date & Time Slot by Buunto
  • DingDoong: Delivery & Pickup by Omega
  • Local Pickup & Delivery Date by Mageworx
  • Store Pickup Click and Collect by CreativeR
  • Delivery Date & Store pickup by Appsonrent
  • Bloom: Delivery Date & Pickup by Shopside

4️⃣ Find EasyRoutes tabs in your Shopify Admin sidebar

EasyRoutes' tabs can now be found in your Shopify Admin sidebar (or at the top of the page in the Shopify app).

Pin our app to access your routes even quicker!

5️⃣ Improved batch actions for editing routes

We've improved access to batch actions for route editing and added the ability to select and view a subset of orders in your orders page:

6️⃣ Indicator of multiple stops at same location

We've added a small indicator letting you know if any of the stops in your route are at the same location (your driver also sees this information in their driver app).

7️⃣ Improved CSV import

For Premium Plan users working with orders outside of Shopify, you can now drag and drop your CSV orders into EasyRoutes.

We will also attempt to re-use your mapped columns if you are uploading a file of the same column format as your previous upload.

8️⃣ Various other improvements

  • Speed and performance boosts
  • Various UI improvements
  • Small bug fixes
  • Ability to preserve tracking links when sending stops to a different route
  • Additional packing slip customization options:
    • Change font sizes
    • Hide completely discounted items (and by discount app)
    • Hide SKU
    • Hide item properties by name
  • SMS message support in more countries
  • Setting to see company name next to customer name on routes
  • If you are new user, moving over from Shopify Local Delivery? Check out our migration guide.
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