Preventing Duplicate SMS Delivery Notifications

Deactivate Shopify SMS Notifications

If you are using our custom SMS notifications, you can avoid any duplicate SMS messages by deactivating Shopify SMS notifications.


1. Visit your Shopify Notification Settings page.

2. Click Deactivate:

3. Click Confirm.

Alternatively, do you use Shopify Local Delivery?

Your customers will also receive “Out for Delivery” and “Delivered” notifications from Shopify if these notifications are enabled for Local Delivery in your store.

Uncheck the boxes next to Local Delivery Notifications in your Shopify Notifications Settings to ensure that customers receive delivery event notifications as expected.


1. Visit your Shopify Notification Settings page.

2. Scroll down to the Local Delivery section

3. Uncheck the checkboxes next to all of the notifications in the Local Delivery section.

Your settings will be saved automatically after each box is unchecked. You can now return to EasyRoutes.

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