Help! I cannot connect to Supertime or load the Supertime App in my Shopify Apps

Note: To see if your error or connection issue is a system-wide issue, check our Status page.

Are you experiencing issues with loading the Supertime app? Please review the following troubleshooting steps and take a screenshot of what you're experiencing for submitting a support request.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Do you see a Supertime-specific error message? If you see a connection error where see a specific Supertime error message in your browser's error page, then it's a possible issue related to Supertime or your account itself that we can resolve via a support request.
  • Do you see an error message or issue related to authentication with your Shopify account?
    • Refresh your browser or app's Shopify Admin and Supertime App instance - it's possible that your session may have expired after a period of inactivity before attempting to use Supertime again.
    • Check your browser settings - There may be cookie/session related problems in your browser instance -- can you confirm if you are allowing third party cookies in your privacy settings on Chrome? If so, updating these settings, restarting Chrome, logging out and back into Shopify may resolve this issue.   
    • Log out and log back into your Shopify Admin instance - it's possible that there are session issues that are resolved once you log back into to your Shopify admin. Typically, re-authenticating with Shopify, and then our app can help in those instances, or there may be an issue with your device or connection. See steps below.
  • Do you see a browser-based error? (e.g. there is a connection or networking issue from your device or internet connection?)
    • Load Supertime on a different web browser on your device - it's possible that you have browser specific issues that is preventing Supertime from loading (e.g. browser apps/blockers)
    • Load Supertime from a different device (e.g. load Supertime from your mobile device on a different connection) - it's possible that you have device specific issues that is preventing Supertime from loading
    • Load Supertime from a different internet connection (e.g. load Supertime from your mobile device on a different connection) - Are you able to load Supertime from a different internet connection? If Supertime has been working regularly, it's possible that your internet connection may be experiencing temporary issues with cloud services like the one that is hosting Supertime. If this is the case, then there are possible steps to remedy this that are related to support from your internet connection provider. Since the source of the issue will either be related to that connection itself, we may not be able to directly remedy this issue if it's a temporary outage but please submit a support request with this relevant information our team for further review. 
    • Do you still experience an issue after loading Supertime on multiple devices and connections? In this scenario, please submit a support request and share the troubleshooting steps that you performed.
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