New & Improved Pricing Plans

Thank you so much for running your delivery business on EasyRoutes. We are introducing new pricing plans to make doing your own deliveries even easier this year.

Over the past year we have built powerful features that have taken EasyRoutes from being a simple route planner to an integrated, all-in-one delivery management solution for Shopify. Our advanced route-planning capabilities, customer tracking links, and driver apps for iOS and Android all work together to save time planning and delight your customers with your last-mile and local deliveries.

As we improve EasyRoutes this year, we are updating our pricing plans to make them simpler, more flexible, and easier to get started as we continue to grow with you.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Our new plans are now: Lite at $15 per active driver per month, Standard at $30 per active driver per month and Premium at $45 per active driver per month – alongside our Free plan. Each tier lets you pick the kind of delivery experience you would like to provide to your customers.
  • You can plan routes for as many orders as you need on the new paid plans and all the new plans now have access to our driver apps (including our Free plan).
  • You can scale your fleet up and down to meet delivery demand and only pay for driver seats on these plans.
  • Sharing routes with drivers just got even easier. No more having to copy and paste links, EasyRoutes will send it via SMS with the click of a button.

Existing EasyRoutes customers can continue accessing their current legacy plan until August 31st, 2022 after which you will be asked to pick one of our new plans the next time you log in to EasyRoutes.

We will be introducing amazing new features this year that come with these new pricing plans: custom email and SMS notifications, customizable tracking pages, real-time driver tracking, driver analytics and more advanced planning features. We hope that you will join us when you’re ready. If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you for choosing EasyRoutes — we hope to help with your deliveries for years to come. We look forward to continuing to make EasyRoutes even better for you.

The EasyRoutes Team

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