Using Supertime on a Different Theme / Previewing and Testing Supertime

Supertime works with all the free themes in the Shopify Theme Store and also many popular themes in our automatic placement mode. You can learn more about our compatibility with themes in the Shopify Theme Store here.

If you are setting up Supertime for testing, you can proceed with our guide on Setting Up Supertime and Getting Started while Supertime is disabled.

Here are a few ways to test Supertime if you are launching this on a live store:

  • You can test by enabling Supertime briefly while previewing your theme and going to the cart page with items in it. If you do not require date/time selection in your method(s), then this can be done with out interrupting the checkout flow for your customers.
  • You can also create use our custom placement mode with settings and query selectors for the theme that you want Supertime to be on (e.g. if Supertime cannot find elements with these selectors, we do not show ourselves) -- this is one way to have Supertime be active and shown on a theme in Preview Mode. You can have a query selector that includes both your current theme and your preview theme in custom placement mode.
  • You can use our manual detection mode to hide Supertime on a particular theme.
    • 1. Copy this snippet below: 

      <script> SupertimeManualMode = { formSelector: "", refreshSelector: "", buttonSelector: "" };</script>

      2. Visit your store's Theme settings.

      3. Click the Actions button and select Edit Code on the theme that you want to remove Supertime from. 

      4. Find your theme.liquid file if you have a cart that is present on all your pages. 

      5. Paste the provided snippet in step #1 immediately below your <body> tag in that file.
  • You should be able to add the snippets needed to active Supertime's Manual mode for a specific theme and then preview it with Supertime enabled in general, since we will use the Manual mode settings instead of our automatic detection on that theme. More on the topic here: How do I customize where to place my Supertime widget on my cart page?
  • More extensive testing can be done on a development store with a Shopify Partner account or a new trial store as well.
  • You can also review how Supertime looks by reviewing our demo store.

To note, Supertime is always loaded via Shopify's script tag feature when it is installed in your store so it is loaded on all of your themes. However, we have a convenient Disable/Enable feature to allow you show or hide Supertime as needed in your store. In your Supertime settings, visit the General tab. At the top of that page is a box. Does it say "Supertime is active"? If not, you will need to click the "Enable Supertime" button.

Once Supertime is enabled, you'll see this instead:

Have questions while you are testing Supertime? Review our getting started, troubleshooting and customization guides.

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