What's New on EasyRoutes? July 2021

July 27, 2021

[3:00 PM EST] This issue has been fixed.
[11:56 AM EST] We identified an issue with Shopify's API that started last night that is causing intermittent errors with creating fulfillments on orders (e.g. marking some orders as delivered, etc.).

July 6, 2021

Here's a quick summary of what's new, and all the improvements since our last email update:

(1) Redesigned Route History

We've made a big update to our route history page — we've added the ability to search your routes as well as sort and filter them. We've also added a column showing when the route was started, and columns showing how the deliveries went.

(2) Save Tabs as Filters

On the Select Orders screen you can apply filters to find the orders you want to route. Now you can save those custom filters as tabs to quickly access in the future instead of having to reapply filters.

To do so, just apply your filters and click the "Save View" button. More info here.

(3) Send Orders to a New Route

When editing a route, you can select stops and click the "Send to Another Route" button to add these orders to another route. Now you can create a brand new route using that selection of orders.

(4) Show Delivery Status on Order Page

In your settings you can now toggle a column to see the delivery status of your orders on the Select Orders page.

(5) "How To" Videos

We've produced a few videos highlighting how to use some of EasyRoutes' features and functionality. Please check them out as there may be some valuable information to help boost your delivery productivity!

6) Under the hood on-going improvements

We're always working hard to not only add new features, but to also make sure that EasyRoutes is always running snappily. One of the big under-the-hood improvements we made is we've boosted our geolocation to make it much faster. You should notice the speed difference when generating longer routes.

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