Add a message to notify customers that they do not have a date, time or method in your order status page

Are you looking to let your customers know they do not have a date or time on your order status page?

Order Status Page

You can show additional information in the post-checkout confirmation / order status page by using Shopify's Additional Scripts feature to show content based on shipping method

Example for adding instructions

Note: for this example, your order does not have a delivery date and you want to let users know to contact you to schedule local delivery orders.

Paste the following snippet into the Additional Scripts box on your Checkout settings page:

{% if !order.attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] && checkout.shipping_method.title == 'Local Delivery' %}
        `<p>Thanks for confirming your Local Delivery order! You still need to schedule a delivery date with us. Please contact us to confirm your delivery date at We will also be in touch.</p>`
{% endif %}
  1. Visit your Checkout Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the Order processing section.
  3. In the Additional Scripts text box, paste in the code snippet shown above. 

You may also customize your Order Confirmation page using Additional Scripts in a more custom manner using these liquid variables:

  • Date: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Date"] | date: format: "basic" }}
  • Time (24 hour time): {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] }}
  • Time (12 hour time or custom time formats):{{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 0,4 | time_tag '%-I:%M %p' }} - {{ attributes["Supertime Timeslot"] | slice: 8,12 | time_tag '%-I:%M %p' }}
  • Delivery Method: {{ attributes["Supertime Delivery Method"] }}

Refer to this article in the Shopify Help Center for additional details.

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